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Rubin Arvizu

Established in 1993

Arvintel Media Productions was established in 1993. Our primary purpose is to provide our clients with the best in sound production.

We specialize in the dubbing of major films, TV series, industrial and educational videos into several languages.

Our roster of clients ranges from small, local businesses and NGO's to large, international corporations such as Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Columbia and Universal among others.

Ruben Arvizu, founder and president of Arvintel Media Productions, as well as being a professional voice actor, is one of Hollywood's most renowned dubbing directors with more than 20 years of film dubbing/directing experience worldwide.

Arvintel was a pioneer in “green” dubbing in 2010. In conjunction with its partner The Surround Factory they found a way to use the latest technology to contribute in a small way to save our Planet. They were able to eliminate the waste of printing the numerous copies of scripts by using Apple’s iPad. They sent a mirror image of the script from a computer screen onto an iPad in the recording booth. Now this practice has been adopted by most sound studios worldwide. Read more on Mix Magazine, Topix or Decisive Latino.

Ruben Arvizu, is author of the book “¿De Quién es la Voz que Escuchas?” (Who’s Voice are you Listening To?) It describes the history and anecdotes of dubbing worldwide, including interviews with actors, studios and directors.

In March, 2012, together with Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ruben was named Ambassador of the Global Cities Covenant on Climate.

In July 2013, Ruben was a juror for the international photo contest Oceans 2013 -Photo Shoot Awards.